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We at STUNNING FOOD very strictly believe in the quality. To ensure fully safe material for human consumption, we have implemented a four stage process control programme as under:

We used to check and physically inspect the raw material at the time of inward and only selected raw material unloaded. Our quality control start from here.

During the pre-drying, drying and post-drying process many equipment placed for controlling physical and microbiological contamination. These equipment consists of grading, three times washing, controlling panels for controlling temperature, air conditioned post-process grading & inspection area, colour sorter, metal detectors for Fe & Non-Fe metal detection and magmatic rolling belt.

We have in-house laboratory operated by experienced technician to measure chemical and micro biological parameter of every lot of production.

We are updating documentation of processed goods as per our ISO 22000 certification(under process)And in future the company is planning to achieve other International standards related with quality and food safety.

By the adopting this four stage controlling process, our product ensures adequate safety for human consumption.